Leah Adler, Steven Spielberg’s mother

For the last 12 years I have met the lovely mother of Steven Spielberg, Leah Adler, who joyfully hosted every customer at her restaurant, The Milky Way.

I went there in 2005 for the first time, and through all these years, I have been there as many time as I could, sometimes alone, or some other times with friends. I loved the caesar salad with a scoop of tuna.

She was always so nice, so kind, and always smiling. I loved her, and she also loved me so much. Everytime I went to her restaurant, for lunch or dinner, she always welcomed me with open arms.

Indeed, in 2012, she allowed me to shoot a piece in her restaurant, for a Spanish TV show, and we also interviewed her. It was for the show ‘Callejeros Viajeros’.

I was so sad to hear at the end of February 2017 that she had passed away.

I always dreamt of Leah meeting my mother, someday, but that will not happen anymore. Leah wasn’t my mother or my grandmother, but I will miss her as if she was part of my family.