“I’ll See You in Hell”, Julian Lara’s new horror movie is coming.

2022 UPDATE:

The news published in 2019 are still in good standing. Obviously because of the pandemic, all film projects were cancelled or delayed in Hollywood. Good news is that “I’ll See You In Hell” was never cancelled, it was just postponed, therefore, now that we are going back to normality we are working again on this feature film project and we expect to film it later this year.


It’s never too late if there are some good news. Finally, the long awaited horror screenplay written by Julian Lara is becoming real. Julian Lara wrote the screenplay a few years ago and was trying to put together a very nice project for this horror feature film of his.

After almost two decades of directing horror movies, Julian is back to the big screen with this supernatural story of revenge. We can disclose so far the synopsis, that you can read below, but to your information, it will be a nice old school horror movie with some hints of dark humor, a very peculiar characteristic in Julian Lara.

The company that will be in charge of the production will be renowned arthouse Ombra Films, whose producers loved the screenplay on the spot. The shooting is coming soon right at the beginning of the next year with an expected wide release in 2021.

The cast is still underway, and we expect to announce shortly some of the names, but it all seems that it will be a mix of American and Spanish young and upcoming talents. The shooting locations will be scouted in the Los Angeles area, where Julian Lara is currently living.

Please, see also some artistic artwork prepared for the movie, a couple of One sheet and a couple of character depictions, whom you’ll recognize after reading the synopsis. More news coming soon. Stay tuned.

Joseph is a normal young man who enjoys life with his
girlfriend Elisabeth, whom he plans to marry. But after
finding some confidential documents which prove the
continuous crimes being committed by the leaders of the
sect to which he belongs, Joseph receives an almost fatal
beating, although he manages miraculously to escape from
his attackers. When he is fleeing, wounded, dazed and
confused, he has a serious car crash. Badly wounded and
bleeding heavily at the side of a lonely road, in the
middle of the night, Joseph has a visit from someone who
offers him an unusual deal. It is Satan, who tells Joseph
that because of his injuries he will be in a coma in
hospital. While he is in a coma Satan will provide him with
another body with which he can take revenge on his
attackers, but once Joseph has fulfilled his mission... Satan
will be waiting for him in Hell. Joseph will have to hurry
in order to carry out his intention bearing in mind Satan’s
warning that he doesn’t do anything free or by chance.
However, Joseph will try not only to take his revenge but
also to find out how he can emerge from the coma, get his
body back and carry on with the pleasant life he had before
it was ruined. At the same time he wonders what price he
will have to pay and why he was chosen.