Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

This is a great event that you should attend if you love horror movies.

It is the perfect place to meet icons of the horror films, such as Bruce Campbell, John Carpenter, Asia Argento, Elvira, Stuart Gordon, or my dear friend Lloyd Kaufman, the head of Troma Studios. There you can also buy merchandising of your favourite movies and TV series. I attended the Fangoria’s at least 3 times, as far as I remember.

But there are more places in LA where you can find your favorite stuff or even meeting great filmmakers and celebrities. Places like Golden Apple Comics or Meltdown Comics are great places to go often, also Dark Delicacies in Burbank, and let alone Barnes and Noble; they use to Schedule Q&A’s and book signings every month, I met there Elizabeth Berkley, Simon Pegg, Kevin Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, who signed me a copy of his autobiography.