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 Yes, the Deadhunters come back to action, but not exactly as "Deadhunters", why do we say that? Because after the Sevillian Subway mission in summer 2003 the Deadhunters were sued and indicted for the death of two partners, Frankie and Charlie. After being judged they were declared guilty...by negligence.

 The Deadhunters were risking their lives for the citizen of Sevilla all along the "Sevillian Zombies" mission, and even they were ashamed by being judged and condemned for the death of two partners the last day mission, on July 12th 2003, in the 1st Line of the Subway of Sevilla. Every Deadhunter were ready to face the condemnation.

 So under strong security devices the Deadhunters were driven to the Sevillian Courts. People were striking on behalf of the Deadhunters, and some others against them, and things were looking so bad until the police entered in action. So, afted the judgment in the morning of Friday 30th 2004, the Deadhunters who faced the Court were condemned for the told facts, but the judge didn´t send them to prison due to the public service done to the city during the "Sevillian Zombies" mission, at last they had done something good.

 But there were two who escaped from the judgment, who? The Commander and the Father Dan. Later on we heard that the Commander disappeared the same night they exterminated the zombies in the Subway...Did he knew anything? And the Father Dan? Nodody knew anything until an informer told us that Father Dan were sent back to the Vatican and upgraded to Bishop or Cardinal...anyway they scaped and the hot potatoe had to be handled by: Julián, Calamator, David, Sarry, Bea y María. We heard time after that the mercy shown by the judge could came from the rescue of a girl, the judge´s niece, by a Deadhunter when she was working on a bar...that guy was Julián. But which was the conviction? The totally prohibition to hand, to touch or to be near of a gun, and of course the dissolution of the Deadhunter Corporation. But even when the Deadhunters stop existing, they still felt inside the same way, as a hunter of the dead, so we can say that...a Deadhunter never rests.

 The Zombie Xtreme history began when a Subway contractor took away from the Subway, after the Deadhunter final mission, some zombies , looks like they we´re not totally dead, or at least this is what he said (Zombie Xtreme owner), and put them on inside an old building. And when was known that anyone could step inside and kill zombies paying for hours...something stupid, foolish and extremely dangerous...the Deadhunters while being free, they tried time and time again to close that freaking fair attraction in vain due to some legal arguments. So after the judgement, when they were released free, Julián and Calamator had one thing clear in their minds: to close Zombie Xtreme, undercover, as two normal persons going to have some fun and to find new and strong emotions...this moment is when takes off ZOMBIE XTREME.

Reproduction of the subpoena sent to one of the Deadhunters, concretely the sent one to Julián.

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