MARVEL Premieres

It is easy to attend a premiere of a Marvel movie if you live in Los Angeles. In my case, during 2011 and 2012 and I had the chance to attend many Marvel movie premieres, such as ‘Captain America’ or ‘The Avengers’. Not to mention the huge After-Parties they always organize in a venue close to the ‘El Capitán’, the Disney-owned theatre where Marvel use to premiere his superhero movies.

By being there I could meet amazing actors and directors like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, aka ‘Thor’, or Samuel L. Jakcson, among others, as well as some invited guests as Kevin Smith or Edgar Wright.

Of course I met the Marvel boss, the mighty producer Kevin Feige, who was so kind of talking to me for a few minutes. Yes, Stan Lee walked by my side very fast and surrounded by his bodyguards, so I couldn’t say hello, but it was a pleasure to see him in such a short distance, he did a cameo in my life as he does in the movies.